Almond, the Economic Framework for Sustainable Consumers, Announces Partnership with TokenMarket

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London, ENGLAND – February 19, 2019Almond, a groundbreaking economic framework that aims to tackle the world of sustainable consumer goods, has today announced it will be partnering with global investment platform TokenMarket. The partnership comes as part of Almond’s plans to launch its own Security Token Offering (STO) as well as its own centralised stablecoin later this year.

Almond is a brand new economic model and blockchain application for iOS and Android designed to incentivise consumers for being sustainable. The application is designed to reward the user for buying sustainable products, offer transparency in supply chains and help environmentally aware businesses to grow. Almond is looking to reward those who make an effort to ensure they are purchasing sustainable products and helping to combat cheap consumer goods.

The Almond Coin is a stablecoin designed to encourage users to replace the goods and services they buy with more sustainable alternatives which have been approved by the Almond Foundation. Consumers of these sustainable products will be incentivised with Almond Coins worth 2%+ of the items wholesale value. To receive these tokens, users will need to scan a unique Almond Matrix Code (AMC) which is located on the packaging of the product or via a digital receipt. The AMC will reveal more about the product’s story, as well as the supply chain and products CO2 footprint.

“Almond is designed to ensure that those who are shopping sustainably and truly changing their behaviour are rewarded for doing so. TokenMarket’s vast experience in the world of token issuance, advisory and technology meant that working with them was an easy decision. We are excited about our partnership with TokenMarket and the future ahead.” Oliver Bolton, Almond CEO.

TokenMarket will be playing an integral role in the Almond project by delivering a set of building blocks which will enable the project to run smoothly. These include; marketing, advisory services and constructing the token issuance for the project. After receiving acceptance into Cohort 4 of the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Sandbox in July 2018, and revealing its new STO Service in September 2018, TokenMarket will be ensuring that the delivery of Almond’s product is both compliant and regulated.

“Sustainable consumerism is an issue that we feel needs to be addressed. Almond’s work is truly pioneering the way in which people can shop sustainably, incentivising them to know more about what they are buying and using blockchain technology to track its supply chain. TokenMarket is proud to be working with a company that can truly help to change the way in which consumers shop.” Ransu Salovaara, TokenMarket CEO and Co-Founder.

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About Almond

Almond is a new economic model and user application that incentivises consumers to buy sustainable products, offers transparency around supply chains and helps responsible brands grow their business. Consumers are rewarded for taking positive actions through a combination of ‘Almond Coins’ (a FIAT backed stable-coin) and ‘Impact Points’ (improving status & unlocking extra benefits). The Almond ecosystem will offer accredited brands that meet its environmental and social standards a marketplace to reach new customers and a robust set of tools and services designed to scale their market access and grow sales.

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