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While passwords were once considered a secure means of protecting one’s information, it has ironically become one of the leading causes of a data breach. One of the leading culprits is the tendency to use password duplicates across multiple sites and login credentials, with 81% of data hacks being directly correlated to inadequate or stolen passwords

This has necessitated the need for additional barriers for personal data storage which led to the rise of 2FA, or two-factor authentication which requires an additional form of verification whether through a text message confirmation code or physical devices. 

To further enhance the effectiveness of 2FA, Bidipass provides what is essentially 3FA authentication services to combat the rising prevalence of theft and phishing. By using biometrics such as facial id or fingerprints, BidiPass provides an additional layer of protection for user data in the case of misplaced or stolen items. 

This is accomplished through their seamlessly integrated biometric scan technology that can be used for all verification purposes including processing KYC and AML checks in accordance with regulations. 

Utilizing Bidipass’s proprietary ECC, or elliptic curve encryption ensures that all data can be safely and effectively encrypted to ensure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. ECC is an efficient type of public-key cryptography that allows for data encryption using a public key and an essential private key for decryption.

Bidipass provides the tools needed to facilitate private communication and conducting transactions and its wide incorporation will go a long way towards providing users with the maximum level of security needed in a world where major hacks are unfortunately all too common. 

Global cryptocurrency platform ProBit Exchange listed BDP on September 3rd 18:00 KST and the tokens are currently available for trading. 

About Bidipass

BidiPass (BDP) is an Identity Authentication Protocol built on Ethereum. The BidiPass Authenticator is the world’s first decentralized 3FA for enhanced infrastructure security, twice as fast and more secure than Google Authenticator and boosting state-of-the-art UX. 

The BidiPass platform offers a user-friendly, secure and reliable method to authorize actions within connected platforms (e.g. approving transactions on a trading platform) by using a two-layer security protocol that operates in a fully distributed, peer-to-peer manner. 

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ProBit Exchange is a global cryptocurrency exchange. ProBit Exchange only lists promising, qualified and deserving cryptocurrency projects. ProBit Exchange boasts order matching the speed of over 1.5 million orders per second, superb security which supports hardware security keys and a customizable user interface.

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