BRD Integrates all TokenMarket ICO Tokens

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BRD Wallet is to integrate all previous TokenMarket ICO tokens into their mobile platform.

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TokenMarket is excited to announce that BRD, the simple and secure on-ramp to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies, has integrated all previous TokenMarket ICO tokens into its mobile wallet application.

This announcement comes as part of the TokenMarket and BRD partnership which was revealed at the TokenMarket Summit in June earlier this year. Now users are able to access their tokens from one of the most secure and trusted mobile cryptocurrency applications on the market.

The partnership greatly reduces the complexities for participants in future ICOs. Users will have fewer processes to go through when trading which can often become a pitfall of their success. With BRD, users have the ability to track all tokens in one place, giving a better user experience within a cleaner and secure mobile platform.

Further, this co-operation between the two businesses will also offer users the ability to participate in TokenMarket enabled ICOs via the BRD interface, providing a secure mobile experience for participants. Ada Vaughan, Executive Director, EU for BRD said:

“Integrating TokenMarket’s previous ICO tokens into BRD marks the first step for this great partnership. We are pleased to enable our users to hold and trade these ICO tokens inside our app, and look forward to further collaboration with TokenMarket.”

BRD’s mobile wallet now allows users to trade 21 ICO tokens from previous projects carried out by TokenMarket which include; Atonomi, Rivetz, STK, Civic and Storj, as well as many more. This marks the further development for both TokenMarket and BRD, giving users a much easier experience when wanting to trade tokens. TokenMarket CEO, Ransu Salovaara, said:

“We are thrilled that our partnership with BRD will allow users to access their tokens in a safer, secure and simpler way. The multiple benefits that users will now have access to all within one platform means that we at TokenMarket know this is a great partnership. I am excited for what the future holds for our companies.”

Users can access their ICO tokens in the BRD Wallet platform now which is available on the App Store and Google Play platforms. Make sure you are following BRD and TokenMarket to keep up to date with all updates. 

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