Come and Meet TokenMarket: Our Upcoming Event Schedule and Exclusive Discount for NYC

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TokenMarket would like to meet some new faces in the space offer our community and exclusive discount for the upcoming Becon Global event taking place in New York.

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As the event space is beginning to start for the Spring/Summer run, TokenMarket would like to meet some other members of the community as we begin our extended run with our friends at Becon Global for their upcoming Tokenized Assets event series.

Ryan Hanley, UK Managing Director of TokenMarket Technologies Ltd, is set to speak at various Becon Global events across the globe, beginning in New York City on May 12th 2019.

Whilst beginning in New York City, Hanley will also be attending the Tokenized Assets taking place in London on June 4th, Amsterdam on June 6th and finally Singapore on June 25th.

Hanley will be delivering a keynote speech on the world of tokenised securities and how they can reshape the world of equity financing. Having gained vast insight into the world of raising capital through the blockchain space, Hanley has been able to help facilitate more than 30 disruptive Startups raise more than £240m.

Giving users a deeper insight into the world of tokenised securities, Hanley will be able to discuss some of the common misconceptions that this new form of fundraising method and share has around it. With the world of blockchain and security token offerings (STOs) now becoming a mainstay in both traditional and emerging markets, Hanley will explain how this revolutionary way of tackling the problems that current businesses and exchanges face can be changed with blockchain.

TokenMarket is pleased to give its users a generous 50% discount or the upcoming event in New York City by using the discount code: TokenMarket.

For more information on the Becon Global Tokenized Assets series, please visit

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