Corporate 2 Crypto Ft. Dimitry Chesnokov & Zach Le: Forex to Crypto

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Corporate 2 Crypto Ft. Dimitry Chesnokov & Zach Le: Forex to Crypto

On this episode of Corporate to Crypto our guests are Dimitry Chesnokov, Global Sales lead at ICO Alert, and Zach Le, Managing Partner at Trinity Blockchain Management.

Two long time friends share their journey from Wall St to crypto and what motivated them to make that switch. With their sell side experience in forex, they shine light on macro economics in crypto trading today and how its evolving as institutional investors enter the market. We dive deep into some issues that ICOs are facing and the need for infrastructure to attract hedge funds and other capital groups.

“Many traders are attracted to crypto by rapid price movement. I’m more fascinated by the technology and what it can do for economy and people in the long run”

— Dimitry Chesnokov

“Crypto is unique because for the first time you have the combination of technology and finance rolled into one”

— Zach Le

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