Cross-Play on Xbox Series X & PlayStation 5 Will Force Next-Gen Fanboys to Sit Down

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  • Cross-play will be a prominent feature on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.
  • Online play with everyone is huge for accessibility.
  • Could this be the feature to get rid of console fanboys?

Cross-play has been a big talking point this console generation and will be even more significant with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Chivalry 2, Fortnite, and Minecraft have already planned crossplay for next-gen, with Destiny 2 prepping to join the ranks.

With this focus on gamers playing together over taking elitist stances on which box is better, next-gen’s breakout feature might be shutting down fanboys for good.

Shutting Down Fragile Egos

It’s any wonder why people are so bothered by what console other people play. For example, there was some crazy backlash when PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn was revealed to be releasing on Steam. Who cares if PC players get it now?

Or any time there’s an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 event, tons of bitter gamers are whining in the comments. Hell, even Sony and Microsoft are partnering to share cloud technology. If the two console developers can put aside their differences, why can’t elitist gamers do the same?

Gaming is an inclusive hobby. It’s a worldwide one, at that. Developers, players, and creators from all over contribute, each trying to make it a better pastime. Next-generation might be able to push that mission as well.

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Accessibility on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5

Say what you will about Fortnite, but it being available on iOS, Android, PC, and everywhere else makes it quite accessible. Some gamers can’t afford a console or powerful computer but can play with their friends thanks to that approach. Even EA is getting on board.

To me and many others, that’s the most important thing. Accessibility.

Normalizing such a stance is essential, and it can make the gaming space a little less toxic along the way. If the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are pushing cross-play, that normalization will only happen faster.

Then, everyone can play together regardless of the platform.

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