Cryotech Nordic Reveals Localised Cryotherapy Unit: The X°Cryo

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TokenMarket’s latest partner Cryotech Nordic has unveiled its revolutionary localised cryotherapy unit: The X°Cryo™.

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Cryotech Nordic (CTN) in a recent press release revealed that it had added another unit to its already impressive fleet of industry revolutionising machines. Dubbed the X°Cryo™, CTN has been working on a localised and compact machine that will allow cryotherapy treatments to be accessed for the first time by all those who need them. 

Built in the teams Finland headquarters, the X°Cryo™ is designed to safely treat several areas of the body with absolute precision. Due to the advanced technology that the unique and patented construction of the device has, the X°Cryo™ will be able to give localised cryotherapy to patients simply and efficiently. The latest model from CTN, localised cryotherapy will be able to relieve pains, speed up recovery time, reduce inflammation or swelling, alleviate headaches and much more.

The difference between the X°Cryo™ and regular cryotherapy treatments is that it targets specific areas of the bod. In doing so, it is able to give patients a more tailored approach to treat their problem. As a much smaller unit from the CTN lab, the X°Cryo™ is much more cost-effective and smaller to transport around, meaning that cryotherapy treatment can be achieved in a hospital or in a patient’s living room.

Janne Repo, Managing Director of Softability, had undergone two completely identical surgeries on both of his legs with only one difference. One leg received post-surgery therapy with the X°Cryo™ and the other leg didn’t. Mr Repo stated that:

“After the very first X°Cryo™ session the swelling reduced almost immediately, the pain was minimal, and the mobility of the knee improved significantly. Because of such incredible results after only one treatment I went to get myself treated almost every day.”

Cryotherapy is currently undergoing a huge breakthrough moment in the health market. A $2.5 billion market as of 2018, cryotherapy is expected to reach a global market value of $4 billion by 2024 with CTN pioneering the accessibility of the treatments.

CTN has already released Cryo°Cabin™ and gained a lot of attention from the market and its popularity amongst users, which include world-class athletes, celebrities and even National Hockey League (NHL) and National Football League (NFL) teams in the United States. As well as these, the CTN has also developed systems for the treatment of dogs and horses, highlighting the diverse and versatile use cases of cryotherapy.

The Nordic based company is pioneering the future of cryotherapy with its ground-breaking technology that pivots from using difficult to source nitrogen gasses and expensive liquid nitrogen chambers, to a more cost-efficient electricity powered solution to make its product accessible to the retail market. The X°Cryo™ is the first of its kind to be rolled out with more groundbreaking innovations to follow soon.

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