Declaring our independence via the blockchain, with Nick Spanos

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Declaring our independence via the blockchain, with Nick Spanos

Wise words from Nick Spanos from always reminds me why I love our industry.

When I sat down with Nick, I knew I had to cover two things. One, his awesome oracle-based blockchain project which is allowing people to stake and bond their subtokens to another token.

The other topic I had to cover was his great speech at World Blockchain Forum on “fighting the good fight” where he expanded upon our industry’s social responsibility with sharp dexterity and a call to action for us all:

“Hopefully we use the blockchain for good. If we don’t embrace the blockchain and use it for liberty,, others are going to use it for imprisonment and enslavement so we have to bust our ass, be very vocal, and bring in as many people as possible so they understand this is here for us to declare our monetary independence.” — Nick Spanos,

His other project, is allowing the Oracle market, as well as decentralized data, to trigger financial events on the blockchain so that real-world ideas turn into impact.

Check out more of our conversation on our YouTube page below:

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