Hydax’s Initiative of IGO Achieved Huge Success in Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

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Hydax is an innovative, reliable and powerful cryptocurrency trading platform in gaming industry. Hydax is focused on a vertical market — gaming industry, and is dedicated to connecting blockchain gaming and cryptocurrency trading.

IGO (Initial Gaming Offering) is an ecological mechanism initiated by Hydax. IGO projects  can release games through Hydax exchange. At the same time, Hydax exchange will  promote high-quality games that have been traded at a discount, or sell tokens of financial ecological projects.

Listing IGO projects on Hydax exchange has two main purposes: searching for high-quality assets to empower the ecosystem, and helping Hydax community get access to more good digital asset resources, and therefore top projects can bring more users and liquidity to Hydax platform and strengthen the community ecosystem.

On August 27th, Hydax officially listed Atlas Protocol(ATP), a star program jointly incubated by Nebulas Labs (Nebulabs) and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA) , as the first IGO project. 

Atlas Protocol (ATP) aims to build a blockchain native interactive marketing infrastructure that will facilitate a new blockchain interactive ads mechanism. Many team members of ATP are former Google employees and senior engineers. The project has received funding in a seed round led by SoftBank China Venture Capital (SBCVC) and Baidu Ventures (BV).

The strong alliance between Hydax and ATP has achieved significant success. 1,786 Hydax users participated in the token sale within 30 minutes after its launch,  and purchased ATP at  63% off the market price.  ATP achieved huge success in selling 492,200,000 EGT within the 30 minutes. It went viral in the blockchain world and has already become one of the most popular projects. Then at 23:00(UTC+8)on the same day, Hydax officially launched ATP/USDT trading pair.  ATP surged on its first trade, nearly 10 times higher than its initial offering price.

Hydax first IGO has raised 12.5 million EGT. Based on Hydax first IGO rules, 50% of EGT ( equivalent to 6.25 million EGT) from its first IGO project ATP has been burned on August 30th, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.

The first attempt of Hydax IGO achieved great success, which verified the rationality of IGO’s ecological mechanism, and greatly enhanced the richness and functionality of the community ecology. Hydax will list more high-quality IGO projects in its future. Most recently, Hydax has officially launched its 2nd IGO project Echoin on September 8th. Echoin is a public-chain ecosystem built for energy economy, which provides technical solutions for the energy industry using forward-looking blockchain technology. Echoin received tens of millions of dollars investment from several well-known institutions including 8 Decimal, Block Capital, Genesis Group, BN Capital, etc.

Hydax 2nd IGO was a huge success, too. 1368 Hydax users participated in the EC token sale within 30 minutes after its launch, and purchased EC at 50% off the market price. Echoin achieved huge success in selling  543, 000, 000 EGT within the 30-minute token sale period, which is far beyond expectations. 

In addition, Hydax has cooperated with strategic partners who own rich experience in blockchain industry, such as Egretia and Lgame, to conduct a rigorous qualification review process for IGO projects. Users can directly purchase the selected high-quality projects on Hydax exchange and avoid huge losses due to the lack of project screening experience, or third-party/personal fraud. Meanwhile, Hydax will provide funds, circulation and community support for promising gaming and financial start-up projects to ensure their sound development and empower the whole blockchain industry.

About Hydax:

Hydax is an innovative, reliable and powerful cryptocurrency trading platform in gaming industry. Hydax is focused on a vertical market — gaming industry, and is dedicated to connecting blockchain gaming and cryptocurrency trading. Hydax Exchange will provide high-quality service for millions of community members around the world, facilitate the revolution of gaming industry, and empower the development of digital token economy.

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