ICO Alert: A New Direction

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A company update and what to expect from us in the new year.



ICO Alert disclaimer


For the past 20 months, ICO Alert has primarily been a website that allows users (retail and otherwise) to discover new ICOs through the use of an ICO discovery tool: our ICO calendar list. This idea was born back in late 2016 when it was difficult to simply hear or learn about the next promising blockchain project.

Since then, ICO Alert has expanded to offer an array of marketing services to top-tier ICOs, exchanges and other third party clients. In 2018, we began providing more and more content to our listeners, and consulting services to promising ICOs. We’ve worked with hundreds of different projects, evangelized alongside the best and brightest in the industry, and have helped bring education and adoption to a space that can be life-changing for so many. It has been our goal at ICO Alert to provide an objective, uncorrupt source for information on ICOs, and I believe we have done that.

This past week we’ve been forced to make significant changes internally, making team member layoffs and pivoting off of the current website and business model. As many others before us have seen, while the cryptocurrency market gives, it also takes. There are no bailouts in crypto! The team members that are moving on from ICO Alert are some of the most creative, intelligent, well-rounded crypto-professionals I have ever met. I have no doubt they will continue to be thought-leaders in the industry and will go on to do incredible things for cryptocurrency adoption and education. The entire ICO Alert team is thankful to its users, readers, clients and partners for all of the love and support you’ve shown us.

As ICO Alert moves forward, we will continue to adapt to not only weather the bear market, but also to ensure we’re providing the most value to the market. You will soon no longer find the calendar list on our website, but in the new year will see a fresh, re-imagined ICO Alert with a continued focus on content for our readers and consulting services for our clients. Some of our former team members will continue to produce their podcasts on different channels and many of our services will disappear as we focus more exclusively on cryptocurrency content and ICO and STO consulting in the new year.

The ICO industry has had its ups and downs, but the value behind this new tokenized fundraising model has only increased. Project quality is increasing, fundraising infrastructure is being built, and legal uncertainty is being handled – all exciting things for users and entrepreneurs looking at this industry. It’s our goal to continue to deliver great content and services to the people of crypto and we’re excited for what comes next for this industry and all of its members.


-Mike Finch
Founder and COO, ICO Alert

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