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ICO Alert Crypto Minute: July 26, 2018

Record trading for Bitcoin, No-Fee Exchange, ETF’s vs. SEC, top gainers, and more!

Record trading for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (BitMEX), a Hong Kong-based trading platform has announced what has become a new record for Bitcoin trading in one day, as reported by Bitcoin.Com. The 1 million-plus trades that took place in the 24-hour period on July 24th comes at a time when Bitcoin prices continue to linger above the $8000 mark. Via press release about the news, CEO of BitMex, Arthur Hayes, marks this milestone as a sign of the market’s increasingly sophisticated understanding of bitcoin potential in global markets.

Voyager on the Horizon as No-Fee Exchange

Uber and E*trade veterans, Oscar Salazar, Philip Eytan, and Stephen Ehrlich have teamed up to form Voyager, a new No-Fee Cryptocurrency Exchange. According to Coindesk.com, Voyager’s no-fee focus put the new exchange in the same category as Robinhood, another trading app, that bucks the status quo of trading by cutting out some of the costs surrounding the trading of Cryptocurrencies. In its beginning stages Voyager will list 15 cryptocurrencies out of the 25 best performers including Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin.

Rally for Bitcoin ETF amongst SEC uncertainty

The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE)’s recent filing for a bitcoin ETF application, has sparked optimism in the Cryptocurrency industry. As reported by CCN.com, although the SEC recently rejected a Bitcoin ETF application due to lack of regulatory frameworks, CBOE joins other companies such as Gemini and SolidX in persistence of applying for exchange status, thereby bolstering hopes for an approval from the SEC. Further comments continue to be filed and if approved it will allow Bitcoin to be traded on the public stock market in the US. According to CCN.com, this would allow for billions of new capital in the US market, but investors are skeptical for an approval before the end of 2018.

Data pulled from Coinmarketcap.com at 10:30am
Data pulled from Coinmarketcap.com at 10:30am
Data pulled from Coinmarketcap.com at 10:30am
Data pulled from Coinmarketcap.com at 10:30am

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