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ICO Alert Crypto Minute July 31, 2018

Litecoin founder to support new blockchain enabled smartphone, Binance invests in crypto lending, NFL Players Union scores in blockchain

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Litecoin Founder to Advise New Crypto Smartphone

Litecoin (LTC) founder Charlie Lee tweeted July 29 that he will advise for a blockchain compatible smartphone. Announced in May, Consumer electronics corporation HTC will build the HTC Exodus, dubbed “the first native blockchain phone”. It is to launch with support for multiple blockchains, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) networks.

Binance Invests in Crypto Lending

In a recent announcement, Binance has invested in Libra Credit, a decentralized digital asset financial services platform. As part of the relationship, Libra Credit will lend fiat and crypto denominated assets to users who pledge BNB as collateral. This latest partnership is one of a growing number of cryptocurrency loan services appearing. The loans enable cryptocurrency investors to use their coins as collateral in the same way as a property is used in conventional borrowing.

NFL Players Union Scores in Blockchain

Announced today, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) will encourage its members to provide commentary, livestreams and other content for the FanChain platform, thereby earning revenue for themselves outside of the games they play. The NFPLA has purchased a minority stake in blockchain startup SportsCastr, the company behind FanChain.

Data courtesy of coinmarketcap.com as of 11AM EST
Data courtesy of coinmarketcap.com as of 11AM EST
Data courtesy of coinmarketcap.com as of 11AM EST

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