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ICO Alert Podcast #35: Kambria

The ICO Alert Podcast is an interview with a project Founder or team member!

Our guest this episode was Dr. Thuc Vu, serial entrepreneur and founder of Kambria. Dr. Vu graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a BS and Stanford with a PhD both in Computer Science. He previously founded Katango and Tappy which were quickly acquired by Google and Weeby.co, respectively.

Watch Mike and Evan watch in awe as they easily use arrow keys to navigate their very own robot-powered office tour experience.

Dr. Thuc Vu showed off the compact yet extremely impressive OhmniLabs on a robot-powered video tour with ICO Alert’s Mike Finch and Evan Schindler.

Our team watched in awe as Dr. Vu explained a brief history of OhmniLabs and their useful yet affordable robots that bring people together.

The ICO Alert Podcast showcases exclusive, in-depth interviews with founders of past, present, and future Initial Coin Offerings. The podcast is hosted by various members of the ICO Alert team, and new episodes are released weekly. If you’d like, you can request a guest to appear on a future episode by tweeting us @icoalert or emailing us at [email protected].

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