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ICO Alert Podcast #41: LendLedger

LendLedger explanation video

On this week’s episode I talk to the CEO of LendLedger, Gautam Ivatury. We discuss the LendLedger project, the live private presale, the current lending business and more! LendLedger unlocks data on informal and small business borrowers, making it viable for lenders to offer trillions in loans to these untapped segments. Think “banking the unbanked” except its “lending to the traditionally un-lendable”.

Based on an open protocol and blockchain technology on top of the Stellar platform, LendLedger connects data providers, lenders, and borrowers for secure, transparent, cost-effective, and innovative interactions. A local milk salesman in India will now be able to get a loan through LendLedger, whereas before his lack of credit or banking history would prohibit loans to him, and others like him.

Listen to the full interview here:

Before LendLedger

With LendLedger

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