Major Twitch Star Reveals Tempting $1.2 Million Offer to Change Sites

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  • Twitch star Trainwreckstv reveals he was offered $1.2 million to leave the site.
  • He was forced to turn the deal down because of his Twitch exclusivity deal.
  • If he had moved, Trainwreckstv would be one of several other popular Twitch streamers to leave.

In an episode of his Scuffed podcast, Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv revealed that he had been offered $1.2 million to leave the site. Trainwreckstv, who has 411,514 followers on Twitch, didn’t name the site but did confirm that it was a Chinese streaming company.

That is a huge amount of money, but Trainwreckstv said that he was forced to turn the deal down. The Chinese company said that he could stream twice a week with them for a year and keep streaming on Twitch. The streamer said:

I was thinking of doing no camera streams and not telling Twitch, but I can’t because they want to keep me exclusive.


Trainwreckstv also criticized Twitch for his deal, saying:

At the same time, they don’t want to back me, give me any deals. If they don’t want to back me, and think I’m too toxic or not brand-friendly, then take my exclusivity out.

Twitch may be glad that Trainwreckstv didn’t find a way out of his deal. The site has lost several of its most popular streamers. Destiny streamer Gothalion left for Mixer, and FaZe Ewok is also a Mixer streamer now. Some other Twitch streamers have left the site for YouTube and Facebook.

However, the site may need to make some changes to keep its most popular streamers on the site. After Ninja moved to Mixer, the streamer said that his exclusivity deal, which prevented him from being able to take brand deals, was a reason why.

This article was edited by Gerelyn Terzo.

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