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Metabase Answers — Collin Thompson Interview

“To truly democratize global entrepreneurship and drive innovation we must provide founders and small business owners access to tools which make the creation, development, and scaling of next-generation businesses feasible and impactful.”

Collin Thompson

Collin Thompson is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Intrepid Ventures and Metabase. I spoke with Collin about the future of turning ideas into impact.

His passion for the space was obvious as we discussed the importance of building a community that networks, instead of just another company that works. Metabase is a high-performance blockchain protocol seeking to bring a utility belt of powerful tech tools to everyone from creatives to crypto natives.

Watch our interview here now:

ICO Information

What’s the hard cap?

The total ICO hard cap is $41,840,000 USD

What is the price of the token?

The price of a META token is 0.02 USD

When does the token sale start?

What is the minimum purchase requirement?

Minimum purchase requirements across sale events and stages are as follows:

Pre Sale

  • Stage 1: $1,000 USD
  • Stage 2: $500 USD

Main Sale

  • Stage 1: $100 USD
  • Stage 2: $100 USD

What is the discount for my tokens?

The META token is $0.02 USD and discounts are as follows:

Pre Sale

  • Stage 1: 25%
  • Stage 2: 20%

Main Sale

  • Stage 1: 15%
  • Stage 2: 5%

How to Participate

Metabase will request your standard identifying information along with Email and mobile number.

You will also be required to submit a proof a residence document eg. utility bill, or bank statement with your full name and address. This document must be dated within 3 months of your submission date.

You will also be required to submit a copy of your national ID, or passport. This document must have a photo.

You may also be required to prove that you are in possession of the submitted ID, by taking a selfie holding the document.

What currencies can I use to purchase META?

You can use Ether (ETH) or your credit card to purchase META in USD.

What is the total network token supply?

The total lifetime supply of the Metabase network is 8,000,000,000 (8 Billion) Tokens.

What is the token allocation for each sale event?

  • The Pre Sale has a token allocation of 400 Million tokens.
  • Main Sale has a token allocation of 2 Billion Tokens.

Learn more

Metabase aims to empower innovators around the world to advance positive change through technological means, by offering a platform for frictionless innovation, that makes the development of new businesses easy and accessible regardless of technical ability or prerequisite knowledge.

Metabase is Thompson’s aspiration to help entrepreneurs, small business, and enterprise build their business to be future-proof and sustainable using blockchain technology to make a positive impact and provide the requisite tools to power prosperity.

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