Nintendo ‘New Experience’ Ring Is a Quirky Fitness Adventure –

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Fresh off announcing a ‘new experience’ for the Switch last week via one of the most quintessentially Nintendo teasers we’ve ever seen, the Japanese gaming behemoth dumped a bevy of new details in an extended trailer released today.

Nintendo’s RingFit Adventure

Borrowing from Nintendo’s previous fitness-gaming accessories like the versatile Wii remote or the more limited Wii Balance Board, this ‘new experience’ is a fitness adventure game, dubbed RingFit Adventure, coupled with the Ring-Joy – the very same device we saw sickeningly happy families across the globe using to comedic ends in last week’s trailer.

Nintendo’s Ring-Con is designed to get you moving and hopefully help the sedentary couch dwellers among us climb a flight of stairs without triggering a cardiac incident. There’s a fitness level gauge to calibrate the Ring-Con’s response to applied force based on your ability so fret not if you haven’t been to the gym for a while.

Fitness-Focused Movement and Combat

How does it work? Ring-Con actions translate to in-game movement, mini-game mechanics, and so on. Point the ring downwards, and the character jumps. Jog in place to move forward. Hold the ring against the mid rife and rotate side to side to propel a paddle board forward. You get the gist.

Some of the movements are pretty creative, if a tad forced, as if the developers at Nintendo had to wrack their brains to squeeze one more move out of the pliable hoop. It’s pretty cool how physical actions on the player side mimic those of the in-game character model, though.

Instead of wielding a sword or raining down hellfire with a firearm, Ring Adventure’s combat has you take on various enemies in fit battles that involve chucking fit skills at one another. Dealing damage comes down to accuracy and using the right skills for any given situation.

Nintendo says there are over 40 skills to master that use different body parts like the arms, core, and legs, while a fourth category involves Yoga moves. There’s quite a bit more to the title including challenges, quick play sessions, and some pretty zany mini-games to boot.

RingFit Adventure and the associated Ring-Con go on sale from Oct. 18.

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