PayRue Joins Forces with TokenMarket to Power European Expansion

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PayRue Partners with TokenMarket

London, ENGLAND – 18, September 2019 – Crypto payment and wallet solution company PayRue today announces a partnership with global investment platform TokenMarket

As part of this agreement PayRue has acquired the TokenMarket’s decentralised crypto exchange which will launch shortly under PayRue’s Estonian license. Parties have also agreed on long term, exclusive marketing and promotional activity, combined with the integration of services across their respective platforms that totals 200,000 users.

This partnership is part of PayRue extensive roadmap to become one of the leading crypto banks in Europe. PayRue to expand its offering from a digital wallet to a regulated exchange so that users can store and trade cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and utility tokens.  

Mikael Olofsson CEO of PayRue, commented:

“Working with TokenMarket on a cryptocurrency trading platform is an exciting development for PayRue. Some may see the exchange market as crowded, but our view is that regulated decentralised exchanges are the next evolution and very few companies are prepared for this. We believe that our users will benefit from the security and transparency that centralised exchanges are currently failing to deliver, as showcased with the continuous hacks and fake trading volume” 

Ransu Salovaara, CEO of TokenMarket, followed up with:

“We are excited to work with PayRue as we believe there will be a monumental shift to regulated wallets and exchanges. This partnership allows us to put all our focus on token issuance and the tokenised securities market, which we expect will be a billion dollar business in the coming years.“

PayRue TokenMarket Exchange will launch it’s non-custodial exchange in October 2019 supporting cryptocurrencies, utility tokens and stablecoins.

Find out more information by visiting the PayRue TokenMarket Exchange here.


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