Rigoblock Launches Token Sale Referral Program

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Rigoblock has announced that it will be launching a referral program and offering users additional tokens.

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Rigoblock, the decentralized asset management protocol, is pleased to announce that is has launched its referral program for all participants who successfully complete the whitelisting process. The program, which will be carried out by TokenMarket, will give all those who successfully refer a contributor, additional GRG tokens as a reward for their efforts.

Having recently announced its ICO which will see the GRG Token Sale begin on December 18th 2018 Rigoblock are looking to carry the project’s momentum forward with the referral program. Rigoblock founder, Gabriele Rigo, said:

“We want everybody to have the opportunity to participate in Rigoblock and get a real feel for the functionality of our platform. If we are able to reward our community for doing this then that is an added bonus both for us and them. Our community is important to us here at Rigoblock and we know that they deserve to be rewarded for any additional support they provide. This bonus is designed to compensate our faithful participants and shows that they can earn GRG by referring other people to our project.”

The program offers a 4.0% bonus to all those who have people contribute through their individual referral program links. For example, if a contributor signs up through a referrers link and buys 100 GRG tokens, the referrer will receive 4 GRG tokens as a reward for their introduction. There is no limit to which this bonus can be given at, meaning that users could see their influence rewarded by Rigoblock at scale.

With the additional GRG Token airdrop also announced combined with the token sale and bounty programs, there are many incentives to users who are looking to further benefit from the Rigoblock token sale. Providing the opportunity to invite more people into the Rigoblock token sale and be rewarded in the process.

Further details about the referral bounty program bonus can be found at TokenMarket’s token sale bounty programs section.

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