Rigoblock Successfully Distributes First Round of its GRG Token Airdrop

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Rigoblock has begun to distribute its GRG Tokens via an airdrop with the first wave of whitelisted participants successfully receiving their free tokens.

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Rigoblock, the decentralized asset management protocol, is pleased to announce that the first round of its airdrop release has begun to be distributed to those who passed the whitelisting process.

The airdrop saw an initial selection of successful whitelisted participants in the Rigoblock protocol given a free GRG Token, with the distribution of these tokens being taken from the ‘bounties’ pool of the total token supply. The initiative came as a reward to some of the Rigoblock projects earliest followers. Gabriele Rigo, Rigoblock Founder, said that:

“The GRG Token airdrop gave users the chance to have a real hands-on experience with how the Rigoblock platform will work and how they could use the tokens. We are thrilled that our users were so active throughout the airdrop and were pleased with how many tokens we were able to distribute as a small reward to those early believers of our project.”

The GRG Token is the first utility token for asset management designed to be used as the basis of a rewards mechanism for specialized operators within the Rigoblock ecosystem, as well as being an access token. Participants receive GRGs based on the value and the performance of a specific token pool. This allows token pools to be operated without fees for an alternative and fairer rewards mechanism.

For all those looking to use the Rigoblock platform and experience the true benefits that the protocol has, make sure that you sign up BEFORE December 18th 2018. The token sale date is December 18th 2018 and users will be unable to participate if they have not carried out KYC/AML processes.

You can sign up to the Rigoblock token sale here.

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