Roundtable #27: Fastwin, ConsenSys, Blockchain Terminal Scam!?, Stable Coins & REITIUM

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Don’t miss this week’s episode of The Roundtable with co-hosts Zach Quezada and Evan Schindler holding casual crypto conversations on the latest news and the hottest topics.  

Dimitry Chesnokov joins the discussion to help us understand the wall street perspective on the news, and explains his article on stable coins. Then we catch up with Michael Moll from REITIUM who gives us a run down on real estate investments of the future.

1:15 – Who is Dimitry?

3:15 – Grab Bag Update

4:15 – Comments from Last Week

6:39 – Fastwin

10:20 – ConsenSys Story

14:43 – Stable Coins

23:42 – Blockchain Terminal Scam!?

30:07 – Top 40 Influencers

31:06 – Michael Moll from REITIUM 


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