The New PlayStation 5 UI Is a Gloriously Crisp Visual Treat

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Sony offered a tantalizingly short look at its next-gen console’s UI in action during the PS5 showcase today.

Following the trailer for Hitman III, the broadcast transitioned to a UI boot up sequence with a health and safety warning. Owners of Sony’s previous consoles will be all too familiar with the message but it has been truncated for brevity, inviting players to visit the settings for details.

The short clip then transitioned to a slick, swirling burst of particles. These settle down to reveal a pulsating PlayStation icon, the one found on the current DualShock 4 controller. This appears accompanied by a message that reads ‘Press the PS button on your controller.’ Golden particles continue to shimmer in the background.

It’s excruciatingly short and doesn’t reveal anything about how PS5 will allow players to navigate to games and other media. The definition of a tease.

Nevertheless, it offers the first look at what will greet players when they switch on the console for the first time later this year. And, we’d be hard-pressed to say it doesn’t look absolutely stunning. A genuine treat for the eyes.

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