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The Blockchain market projected to reach $20 billion by 2024; the breakthrough technology has opened the floodgates for various industries to capitalize on. Working-class people now have higher salaries and more investment opportunities to look forward to, thanks to Blockchain.

Blockchain Salaries 61% Higher than Median Salary in the US

The demand for professionals with blockchain knowledge in various fields has risen by a massive 300%. In the US, the average salary is pegged at about $52,000, compared to the average blockchain salary is roughly $84,000. That’s a 61% difference.

Blockchain university courses continue to sprout up as the technology continues to be a major force for disruption across many industries. Popular online MOOCs such as those offered on Coursera and even an MSc degree in digital currencies provide the requisite resources for anyone interested to get their feet wet in a highly ripe field that continues to make inroads around the globe. 

Blockchain: Uncommon Opportunities for the Common Man

Blockchain has allowed the common man to invest in the early potential of private companies and collectibles that were once out of reach to the working class.

Curio allows users to purchase shares of luxury cars. The tokenization of luxury collectibles gives people of every class the opportunity to access premium collectibles and access into alternative asset classes.

Innovative companies are inventing additional ways to share profits with the working-class man. Exchanges like BITFEX are introducing derivatives for crypto traders of all experiences along with a balanced learning curve through user-friendly platform features. 

EMX is another exchange that also provides index trading including gold and the US500, which includes the top 500 S&P stocks. This provides an incentive for both crypto and even non-crypto investors to trade on a variety of contracts with an emphasis on long-term perpetual contracts. 

The average person can also invest in other fledgling Blockchain projects, a right that was previously exclusive to large scale VC funds. Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) run directly on exchanges conducts due diligence for the users before the fundraising rounds and enables anyone to purchase tokens of promising product and service offerings.  

Among the new faces, ProBit Exchange is a global platform that has carved out a solid niche due to its IEO track record and ability to showcase intriguing blockchain projects. The growing exchange has built a reputation for scouring the industry for promising applications with relevant use cases and the potential for becoming an industry breakthrough. 

Established Companies Jumping onto Blockchain 

It is not just new companies that are diverting major resources into exploring Blockchain technology, even leading MNCs are adding Blockchain to their operations. For example, Walmart utilizes distributed ledger technology to track supply chains for transparency and accountability. They have also participated in several rounds of drug-tracking pilot programs in an effort to ramp up enhanced pharmaceutical tracking capabilities.

British Airways’ parent company IAG fueled investments into Vchain, a startup that aims to tackle the inefficient check-in procedure at airlines which may be quickly accessed for security and travel checks. 

Blockchain and IEO have combined to improve the lives of the working class by opening multiple doors of opportunity based on this fascinating new tech. It will be interesting to see which new blockchain companies evolve to be the next industry unicorn along with the everyday individuals who invested in their future to make this happen.

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