Top 40 Blockchain Influencers of 2018

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The list is finally here!
Top 40 Blockchain Influencers
When we set out to name the Top 40 Blockchain Influencers of 2018, we had no idea the kind of response we would receive. We crowd sourced this list, asking for nominations from you, the crypto and blockchain community. We received an overwhelming response and quickly got to researching. In your nominations, we came across of lot of familiar names, but possibly even more names that we’ve never heard of before. In learning about these individuals, we feel even more energized about this industry than ever. 

The people on this list represent innovation and courage – one is more impressive than the next. They’re leaving their “safe” traditional finance jobs and risking it all on their belief in blockchain. They’re federal regulators who are standing up for our cause. They’re in developing countries – where the implications of cryptocurrency are so much greater than what we see on a daily basis – quite literally changing lives, because having a bank account or having direct access to your money simply isn’t possible. 

Crypto Mom? Crypto Dad? Bitcoin Queen?! Yep, the gang’s all here. With individuals like this pushing the crypto and blockchain space forward, we’re in good and capable hands – it’s clear that this technology isn’t going away and we’re in it for the long haul.

We’ve put a lot of heart and soul into this one, and we hope you agree with our final picks! So, finally, check out the Top 40 Blockchain Influencers of 2018.

Check out the Top 40 Blockchain Influencers of 2018

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