Top Blockchain Projects Build on Blockchain as a Foundation Rather Than for the Sake of Novelty

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As blockchain projects continue fueling innovation into how businesses and services are conducted, those with strong use cases that correlates directly to real-world value are highly sought out by digital asset investors.

ProBit Exchange continues to be one of the top leaders in conducting IEO and has set its sights on providing the most comprehensive offering of token listings for its rapidly growing user base. They have added several new tokens with compelling, thorough use cases that have driven its value and recognition through communities around the globe. 

Global language instruction at a low cost

Ziktalk is a social-based language platform that provides a plethora of features aimed at providing a convenient, readily accessible pool of language instructors. Built-in features such as video chat and messaging options are intact to facilitate communication between language learners, instructors, and other specialists offering a variety of services such as marketing, business, and other industry insights.

Ziktalk currently sports around 1800 active tutors that provide instruction on 8 different languages for over 100,000 people in 25+ countries. Ecosystem development is directly tied to their ZIK token, which is used to compensate instructors for their services while clients have direct access to a convenient, secure and expedited payment method thanks to blockchain.

Zik tokens serve as a rapid and cost-effective form of completing P2P transactions that would otherwise be hampered by transaction fees and lengthy processing durations especially considering the vast number of microtransactions which are far from ideal for standard forms of payment. 

Stable currency for smooth integration 

Porus is a global remittance solution that aims to provide a stable currency to provide convenient means of payment while also paying for Porus technology usage. The payment solution aims to solidify a presence in the Phillippines distribution markets such as retail shops and tourist facilities including the Boracay cable car. 

The PORUS VC EXCHANGE iBANK, the highest-rated international exchange from the Philippine Central Bank (BSP), will serve as the central hub for all Porus Coin transactions including remittances around the globe as well as to exchange with Porus Cash, which is a payment currency used in the Phillippines. 

Porus Coins and other cryptocurrencies can be safely stored for billing and other payment purposes on the PORUS mobile wallet with a built-in hybrid hard wallet for added security. 

Customizable token-based rewards for improved acquisition

Vexanium is paving the way for blockchain innovation as the biggest blockchain in Indonesia capable of 2,000 TPS with a focus on providing cost-effective tools for growth in the e-commerce industry. 

A key feature enables projects to create their own customizable tokens to be used for various rewards such as gift cards or coupons, and in exchange, the project can pay for this conveniently through VEX tokens. This also provides a smooth entry point for non-crypto users which will solidify a potent acquisition funnel and promote widespread adoption.

Vexanium also provides mutual benefits for projects and early-stage buyers through a unique airdrop campaign customization suite that can be unlocked through VEX. The mechanisms can be a major boon for projects looking to establishing a presence while also improving acquisition in a cost-effective manner. 

VEX holders also benefit from strong liquidity through a handy app along with the VEXchange, which enables voucher trading at user-set prices. 

Blockchain-based reviews through AI verification

Revain provides a decentralized review system that provides up to date, accurate information free of any fraud or manipulation. Fake reviews have always been a concern, and Revain tackles this issue through in-depth verification measures and the immutability afforded by blockchain. 

The IBM Watson AI platform factors in multiple criteria such as user behavior analysis and tone when approving legitimate submissions as well as filtering out low-quality efforts. Snapshots of the original submissions are also taken and stored on the Ethereum blockchain with all subsequent changes readily displayed.

Revain’s main value is derived in the ICO sector, where authentic and quality feedback from early-stage adopters is critical for startups to fine-tune their products and services. Through Dashboard, ICO projects can establish a direct line of communication as well as address user feedback while also rewarding RVN tokens for quality reviews. RVN tokens are a USD-backed stablecoin and can be exchanged with R tokens, which are digital assets that can be readily traded on exchanges. 

Blockchain has established itself as an entrepreneurial haven as it continues to serve as a foundation for proven and ambitious projects to implement major disruption into the core of industries and provide immeasurable benefits to its holders. 

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