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Global warming causes us to think more and more about how we can make our energy supply greener. For the exchange of green energy, however, we are often still stuck to a government-regulated system. WePower wants to solve that problem and change the way green energy is generated and sold.

WePowerWhat is WePower?
In the WePower Whitepaper it immediately becomes clear that the developers of the product want to reach a higher goal: “WePower was established to change how energy is developed and distributed. The WePower team has been in the market for several years during which time it became obvious that we are lagging behind renewable energy adoption. ”

In short: WePower wants to encourage direct trade between producers of sustainable energy and its users and make the way they do business together easier and cheaper. To disrupt the current system of buying and selling energy, this company develops a platform based on blockchain technology. Through this platform, producers of green energy can issue their own tokens. These tokens represent the energy produced by themselves. By issuing these tokens, these producers can immediately trade energy with consumers. WePower directly plugs in at the networks in the countries where it is active, so that the produced energy can actually be supplied to the costumers.

What can you do with the token?
WePower issues the WPR. This token plays an important role in the WePower ecosystem and gives two rights to its owners. First, they have priority when purchasing tokens issued via the platform. Secondly, 0.9% of the tokens issued at the platform are automatically distributed among the owners of WPR tokens. They then can choose to use the tokens for their own energy supply, or to resell them via the platform.

What does the roadmap look like?
The WePower idea dates back to January 2017. The team has been using the past year to further develop this idea and organize this ICO. Last summer, WePower already secured a first customer and developed a first version of the platform. In March of this year the team wants to launch the platform and in May the first connection with a actual energy network must be realised. WePower wants to go live in Spain in August of this year and in October Portugal and Germany must follow. The first payment of bonus tokens to the owners of WPR is scheduled for September this year.

Why this ICO?
The development of the platform must be financed. This ICO aims to complete this financing.

What are the details of this ICO?

Total coins issued 746.403.007,29
Coins at sale
Price 1 Ether get’s you 8.000 WPR
Bonus No.
Dividend Yes. 0.9% of the tokens issued via the platform are distributed among the owners of WPR.
Data From February 1st to February 15th

In the video below, the WePower team explains how the platform works.

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