Yes, Blockchain Dog Tags Really Are a Thing –

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Miami, September 13th — Pawtocol, the premier Blockchain company dedicated to the pet industry, has launched the first-ever Blockchain Digital Dog Tag with IoT technology that secures all your pet’s data in one place. 

“This is the evolution of the dog tag for pets, so they can have a digital identity on the blockchain, empowering pet owners and their pets everywhere,” says the CEO of Pawtocol, Mr. Karim Quazzani.

Pawtocol’s IoT device is a tag that attaches to your pet’s collar and is set up in 3 easy steps: 

1-use your phone to scan the QR Code, 2-pair your phone or computer with the tag and 3-fill in your profile.

The device collects data about your pet’s medical records, including vaccinations and rabies information, the food you feed them, medications they are taking, and even the amount of exercise they get. 

If your pet ever gets lost, Pawtocol’s Blockchain Digital Dog Tag allows anyone with a phone to access pertinent information, such as your pet’s name, emergency contact information, food allergies, medical conditions and the reward for his or her safe return using Blockchain Technology. 

Digital Dog Tags are the entry point to Pawtocol’s pet industry data marketplace where pet parents are rewarded with Universal Pet Income (UPI), Pawtocol’s Digital Currency. Pet owners earn tokens, points, and badges that can be redeemed or liquidated on exchanges or used to buy products and services within Pawtocol’s platform. The UPI can also be exchanged for real-world currency

“This will make Pawtocol the data marketplace for the pet industry,” says Mr. Quazzani. “With all this data, it can make a difference in our entire ecosystem providing useful information for vets, food manufacturers, researchers, and pet owners in a public verifiable database. This is a massive value for brands, for surveys, and data collection. It will undoubtedly cause a viral effect throughout the pet industry.”

While Pawtocol nears launch-readiness, you can discover your Pawsonality type and join our Telegram community @pawtocol for company updates. 

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